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lead such a life as the children that chase butterflies in a meadow -- Thoreau Aug. 24, 1845

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In recent years I wrote a biographical sketch of Minot Pratt. The related story of Minot's new grave marker and discovery of unknown photos of Anna Alcott and her husband, John Bridge Pratt (Minot's son) is posted here. Also, I transcribed (with annotatations) Anna Alcott Pratt's charming and moving diary at Houghton Library which is posted here.

To those who have arrived at this web page after reading a certain book wherein (to my surprise and puzzlement) I am described as getting mad, this characterization and the account in that book of my sampling for claimed missing Concord species are incorrect, and key facts are omitted. For a view on species disappearance differing from what is in that book, please read my 2014 Phytoneuron article and the introduction to my online Vascular Flora of Concord, Massachusetts. See also my comments on a reply to my Phytoneuron article: here [download pdf file to view comments properly] (preparded in 2014, posted here in 2019).

In my retirement I am a Harvard University Herbaria Associate and a regional reviewer for the Flora of North America Project. My final projects were the Atlas of the Flora of New England of Dr. David E. Boufford and myself, Vascular Flora of Concord, Massachusetts, Thoreau Place Names and Calendar of Flowering Times for Wildflowers and Woody Plants of Concord, Massachusetts.

For fun I read the Great Books of the Western World, and marvel over the three most magnificent, fundamental, awe-inspiring mysteries: 1) Why does anything exist? 2) What exists and under what rules? 3) What determines what exists and under what rules? The mystery of consciousness is included in 2). The three mysteries are succinctly summarized as "What the heck is going on and why?"

My lovely wife, Erika, is a nature artist and local edible mushroom expert.

Ray Angelo and wife, Erika

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