Concord Area Trees and Shrubs
by Ray Angelo

Presented here is my field guide "Concord Area Trees and Shrubs" published by Harvard University's Museum of Comparative Zoology for its Concord Field Station (Bedford, MA) in 1990. This work to my knowledge is out of print.

Due to the large pdf (Adobe Acrobat) file sizes resulting from the page scans, the guide has been broken up into 10 sections. Each section is separately word-searchable within Adobe Acrobat.

It is my hope that this online version will be a useful reference for eastern Massachusetts residents particularly and Thoreau enthusiasts generally.

Ray Angelo 2007


Introductory Material (pages 1-9)

Trees: Conifers; Compound or Opposite Leaves (pages 10-19)

Trees: Alternate, Simple Leaves (pages 20-34)

Shrubs: Conifers; Opposite Leaves (pages 35-47)

Shrubs: Alternate Compound Leaves (pages 48-55)

Shrubs: Alternate Simple Leaves; Lobed or Coarsely Scalloped Leaves and/or Thorny Shrub (pages 56-63)

Shrubs: Alternate Simple Leaves; All Others (pages 64-87)

Woody Vines (pages 88-95)

Blackberries, Raspberries, Dewberries, Small Bog Species, Crabapples and Apples (pages 96-106)

Lists, Illustrated Glossary, Annotated Bibliography, Index (pages 107-118)

Revised March 30, 2017