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Page 23 ..line 12.. ..CHANGE.. ..Anne.. ..Ann

Page 23 ..line 13.. ..CHANGE.. ..Masachusetts.. ..Massachusetts

Page 25 ..line 24.. .. CHANGE.. ..(1819-71).. ..(1819-76)

Page 40 ..Agrimony.. ADD.. ..V 314

Page 42 ..Alnus incana.. ..CHANGE.. ..422.. ..399,424.. ..(on first line)

Page 42 ..Amaranthus hypochondriacus.. ..CHANGE.. ..Amaranthus hybridus (SLENDER AMARANTH).. ..343

Page 49 ..Ash (White).. ..ADD.. ..III 48

Page 49 ..Ash (White).. ..CHANGE.. ..IV 151.. ..V 151

Page 49 ..Ash (White).. ..DELETE.. ..XII 450

Page 50 ..Aster amplexicaulis.. ..CHANGE.. ..Aster laevis (SMOOTH ASTER).. ..Aster patens (LATE PURPLE ASTER)

Page 50 ..Aster carneus.. ..CHANGE.. ..Aster carneus.. ..Aster carneus345

Page 51 ..Aster laevis.. ..DELETE.. ..see also Aster amplexicaulis

Page 51 ..Aster patens.. ..ADD.. ..see also Aster amplexicaulis

Page 51 ..Aster salicifolius.. ..CHANGE.. ..Aster salicifolius.. ..Aster salicifolius345

Page 55 ..Biddens connata.. ..CHANGE.. ..Biddens.. ..Bidens

Page 56 ..Birch (fence).. ..CHANGE.. ..VIII 357.. ..VII 357

Page 58 ..Blueberry (swamp).. ..CHANGE.. ..VII 90.. ..VII 253, VIII 90

Page 61 ..Buttercup (Tall).. ..ADD.. ..XIII 291

Page 61 ..Buttonbush (stem).. ..CHANGE.. ..IX.. ..XI

Page 67 .. at.. ..Centaurea.. ..CHANGE.. ..Centaurea.. ..Centaurea spp.

Page 67 ..Cerastium = Cerastium spp... ..ADD.. ..V 136

Page 69 ..Cherry (Northern Wild Red).. ..ADD.. ..X 411

Page 69 ..Cherry (Red).. ..ADD.. ..V 448

Page 69 ..Cherry (Red).. ..DELETE.. ..256,.. ..(on first line)

Page 69 ..Chestnut (leaf).. ..CHANGE.. ..VII 467.. ..VII 36, VIII 467

Page 71 ..Cinquefoil (White).. ..CHANGE.. ..Pontentilla.. ..Potentilla

Page 72 ..Clover (Red).. ..ADD.. ..V 477

Page 77 ..Cress = Cardamine spp... ..ADD.. ..IV 475

Page 80 ..Decodon verticillatus.. .. ADD.. ..Nesaea.. ..(after Loosestrife (Swamp))

Page 86 ..Erysimum cheiranthoides.. ..DELETE.. ..Erysimum cheiranthoides (WORMSEED MUSTARD)--see Erysimum officinale

Page 86 ..Erysimum officinale.. ..CHANGE.. ..Erysimum cheiranthoides (WORMSEED MUSTARD).. ..Sisymbrium officinale (HEDGE MUSTARD

Page 90 ..Gaultheria hispidula.. ..ADD.. ..Chiogenes, Chiogenes hispidula

Page 91 ..Gentian (Fringed).. CHANGE.. ..455, VII 520.. ..455, 520

Page 93 ..Goldenrod.. ..ADD.. ..II 415

Page 95 ..Goose-foot (Maple-leaved).. CHANGE.. ..IV 250.. ..IV 248

Page 98 ..Helianthus decapetalus.. ..ADD.. ..Helianthus (Cut-toothed)

Page 98 ..Helianthus tuberosus.. ..ADD.. ..Artichoke (Jerusalem)

Page 101 ..House-leek = Sempervivum tectorum.. ..CHANGE.. ..445, VIII 446.. ..445, 446

Page 101 ..House-leek (brook).. ..CHANGE.. XI.. ..IX

Page 102 ..Hydrocotyle = Hydorcotyle americana.. ..CHANGE.. ..Hydorcotyle.. ..Hydrocotyle

Page 104 ..Indigo.. ..CHANGE.. ..IX 76.. ..IX 8, XI 76

Page 116 ..Maple (Rock).. ..ADD.. ..XI 210

Page 121 ..Nabalus fraseri.. ..DELETE.. ../Prenanthes trifoliolata (TALL RATTLESNAKE-ROOT) 2.. ..after (LION'S-FOOT)

Page 122 ..between Nepeta glechoma and Nettle.. ..ADD.. ..Nesaea = Decodon verticillatus (SWAMP LOOSESTRIFE) -- XI 148

Page 124 ..Oak (seedling).. ..ADD.. ..XIV 181

Page 125 ..Oak (Shrub).. ..ADD.. ..V 129

Page 132 ..Pine.. ..ADD.. ..II 198.. and.. ..X 80

Page 141 ..Populus tremuloides.. ..ADD.. ..IV 419

Page 142 ..Potentilla norvegica.. ..ADD.. ..XIII 69

Page 143 ..Prenanthes alba.. ..CHANGE.. ..Nabalus alba.. ..Nabalus albus, Prenanthes (White-flowering)

Page 143 ..Prenanthes trifoliata.. ..CHANGE.. ..Nabalus fraseri.. ..344

Page 147 ..Queria.. ..ADD.. ..V 312

Page 159 ..Sysimbrium officinale.. ..CHANGE.. ..see Hedge Mustard.. ..see Erysimumum officinale, Hedge Mustard

Page 163 ..Sparganium minor.. ..CHANGE.. ..Sparganium minor = Sparganium americanum (COMMON BUR-REED) .. ..Sparganium minor 342 = Sparganium americanum (COMMON BUR-REED)/Sparganium chlorocarpum (GREEN-FRUITED BUR-REED)

Page 166 ..Stellaria media.. ..ADD.. ..IV 415

Page 170 ..Thorn (bush).. ..ADD.. ..XIV 91

Page 175 ..Vaccinium oxycoccus.. ..CHANGE.. ..37, VIII 44,.. ..37, 44

Page 175 ..Veronica.. ..ADD.. ..VIII 60

Page 175 ..Vernonia =.. ..DELETE.. ..60,.. ..after.. ..VIII

Page 177 ..Viburnum (Naked).. ..CHANGE.. ..VII (281).. ..VI (281)

Page 183 ..Yarrow.. ..CHANGE.. ..123, 281, XII 203,.. ..123, XI 281, XII 203

Page 201 ..ADD.. ..342. The name "Sparganium minor" is not a published botanical name. It is a name coined by Rev. John Russell, a professor of botany, while meeting with Thoreau on August 18, 1854 (VI 450) in describing one of Thoreau's Sparganium specimens found in Concord, Massachusetts. Based upon the features of the plant mentioned, the plant could be either Sparganium americanum or Sparganium chlorocarpum, both known from Concord. Thoreau uses the made-up name later only once, on September 5, 1854 (VII 13).

Page 201 ..ADD.. ..343. The species Amaranthus hypochondriacus is an uncommon escape that is native to southwestern North America. It was distinguished in the first (1848) and second (1856) editions of Gray's Manual used by Thoreau, but many manuals after Thoreau's time treated it as a form of the common, native Amaranthus hybridus. It is not distinguished at all in Gray's Manual of Botany 8th ed. (1950), but is currently recognized. A specimen in Thoreau's herbarium labeled with this name by him has only recently been confirmed to be this species and is the only known voucher for its occurrence in Concord, Massachusetts. His Journal reference at IV 351 has the proper description and habitat to be this species.

Page 201 ..ADD.. ..344. The species Prenanthes trifoliata was not distinguished from Prenanthes alba in the manuals used by Thoreau.

Page 201 ..ADD.. ..345. It is uncertain to which species Thoreau applies the names Aster carneus and Aster salicifolius, but most likely to Aster simplex of Gray's Manual 8th ed.

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