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Thoreau's Climbing Fern
Thoreau's Climbing Fern (Lygodium palmatum)
at the site in Concord where he discovered it

The Language of Concord's Fields
Author's Preface
Thoreau as Botanist
Botanical Bibliography

Approximately two decades of intermittent labors brought this work to its present state. Naturally, the author's hands are the ones that have been most applied over this span of years. The paper version was published simultaneously as a special issue (Volume 15) of The Thoreau Quarterly and as the last volume (by coincidence the fifteenth volume) of the paperback edition of Thoreau's Journal (Peregrine Smith Books) in 1985. It has long been out of print.

The generous efforts of the editors of The Thoreau Quarterly (which suspended publication in 1986) were instrumental in bringing the original manuscript (only slightly changed here with some corrections) into print, shaping its appearance and improving it with numerous constructive suggestions. These editors, Dr. John M. Dolan, Dr. Wendell Glick and Dr. Sandra Menssen, generously allowed this work to appear as a web document.

Lastly, the efforts of Bradley P. Dean and Austin Meredith played a key role in bringing this work into electronic form. Mr. Dean approached the author and one of the editors with the aim of making available the Index in electronic form to scholars and visitors at a Thoreau research center (planned at that time and now operational as the Thoreau Institute in Lincoln, Mass.). Mr. Meredith managed to rescue a nearly final electronic version of the text from some obsolete computer diskettes and spent much time working to format the text for one of his anticipated projects.

The present text was put into HTML format by the author and enhanced with last minute corrections that made it into print after the final electronic draft and with post-publication corrections to the text. An additional feature incorporated into the web version is a set of links between the superscripted notes references and the notes themselves.

With the advent of web documents it is now possible for an author's work truly to be a living work in progress. In view of this the author welcomes any additional corrections that have been detected by users of this Index. It is most convenient for such corrections to be transmitted by e-mail to the author at the address shown below. It is hoped that in this new incarnation the Index will continue to serve as a fruitful resource for Thoreau enthusiasts and botanists alike.


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